Welcome to JC Comics Universe the universe that never stays the same. JC Comics Universe is a multimedia entertainment company that was created and owned by Joseph Clements. JC Comics Universe was forged back in 1996 as merely an idea for a publishing company under the name JC Comics. Through adversity and finally incorporating in 2012, JC Comics turned into the JC Comics Universe that we know of today. Though comics remain to be our primary focus, we venture into multiple forms of media such as: music, games, fashion, concept designing, publishing, and animation.

Vektor Squad: Issue 03

It’s finally here, Vektor Squad: Issue 03 is live in the JC Comics Universe Shop page; as well as the Vektor Squad trailer video. If you haven’t already, feel free to get updated with both Vektor Squad: Issues 01 & 02 which can be read free here on the site. Art and cover done by the super talented Donovan Portal & Denny Ibnu.


  1. Hello,
    My name is Lee A. Gooden. I am a freelance comics writer from upstate New York. I am always looking for new comics writing gigs. I am also an award winning poet and playwright. I am an actor, director, freelance journalist, and reviewer of books, film, art and music. My clips and portfolio of work are available for request. Thank you for your consideration.

    Lee A. Gooden


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