Vektor Squad: Issue 03 Kickstarter Campaign Pre-Launch

Hey guys,
So we’ve talked about it briefly a little while back but it’s official, we finally ready to launch the Kickstarter campaign for Vektor Squad: Issue 03. You can check out the official campaign’s pre-launch here This will be our first official campaign and we look forward to spending it with each and everyone of you. Vektor Squad: Issue 03 Kickstarter Campaign will officially go live 4pm Monday April 19th. There’s been a lot of hard work that has been put into this campaign by a lot of talented individuals; and no matter what happens, I want to personally thank each and everyone for the work and dedication put into this. And we want to give a special thank you to you guys for giving us a reason to do what we love. Thank you. For more information about JC Comics Universe content please follow us on Deviantart, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Or you can follow us on From the universe that never stays the same.