JC Comics Universe 2021 Update

So it’s official, 2020 is out and 2021 has begun. And with a new year comes new projects and new releases. And one of those new releases comes in the form of the much anticipated World’s Greatest: Issue 02 and the official announcement of Vektor Squad: Issue 03. Within the next few months, JC Comics Universe will be announcing our very first Kickstarter campaign for the third installment in the Vektor Squad series. We also have several newer series that we like to debut which all still follow the same universe. So if you read comics and haven’t checked out our work yet, why haven’t you? Feel free to the first two issues of Vektor Squad as well as the first issue of World’s Greatest free on our website. For more information about JC Comics Universe content feel free to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Deviantart, or at http://www.jccomicsuniverse.com. From the universe that never stays the same.