Free Comic Book Day 2020

Hey guys

So as some of you may know, free comic-book weekend is back once again starting May 2, 2020. So to commemorate this event, JC Comics Universe is officially announcing that we will be taking part in this annual event. Some of you may also note the 1 year anniversary of our very first comic book World’s Greatest: Issue 01. So in spirit of killing two birds with one stone, we’ve decided to feature the digital release issue of World’s Greatest: Issue One free all weekend. You will still be able to purchase a physical copy from our website but if you just wish to read it; it will be free all weekend. This will be for a limited time, so look out for it on May 1- May 3. A perfect opportunity for casual fans as well as those who’ve yet to read it. Our little way of saying thanks for those who’ve supported us and show what we’re all about for those just getting into our work. For more on JC Comics Universe content, visit us on Facebook, Instagram, Deviantart, Tumblr, and Remember to like, share, comment, and follow. From the Universe that never stays the same.