JCU’s Unveiling of WG Issue Two and a Unexpected Project

Hey guys, so a few weeks ago we sent out an updated telling you we were in the middle of a few new projects. We promised you we would later share; well today is that day. We’ll be talking about the brand new unveiling of “World’s Greatest: Issue 02” and much more. Let’s start by kicking things off with the unveiling linked at the bottom. Here is our first publish viewing of “World’s Greatest: Issue 02” done by the talented Audia Phlevi some of you may know him as Moonarc and our returning artist Emmanuel Ozor who did the pages for both books along with the first cover of “World’s Greates: Issue 01”. Now for our secondary news, the unveiling of our newest series “Viktor Squad: Issue 01”. Viktor Squad cover was done by the talented Scarlett Leigh or better known as Nyankola. Viktor Squad tells the story of six military field leaders who’s been given a chance for redemption, for the mistakes both in their lives as well as in their military career. However with a new mission comes new danger and high stakes. If they come together they just might survive the mission, and hopefully eachother. Viktor Squad will eventually tie into World’s Greatest in ways you might not necessarily expect. Anyway here is the cover for both books, And a big shout out to all those that continued to support us as always by like, comment, follow, and share. For more about JC Comics Universe news go to our website jccomicsuniverse.com. From the universe that never stays the same.